Pregnancy Dos and Don’ts

1. Visit your Doctor
Pay regular visits to your Doctor throughout the period of your pregnancy to follow-up on necessary examinations and to receive appropriate medication, and professional advice that will ensure your well being and promote the health of your baby.

2. Follow a healthy balanced diet
The common saying that “a pregnant woman must eat for two” is absolutely misleading! After All, your fetus is so small in size that she doesn’t need much to feed on. In fact, medical research has in recent times further highlighted the importance of good nutrition and adequate diet during all nine months of pregnancy. Make sure to follow a healthy and nutritious diet, without caving in to excessive food consumption. You will notice that you will gradually gain weight during pregnancy and your body will go through changes; however, your weight gain must follow a harmonious pattern with every passing month. Pregnancy Handbook

3. Medication & Smoking
Regularly refer to your doctor’s advice in all matters related to medication intake and social habits. But as a general guideline we advise you to: - Avoid taking any medication that has not been specifically prescribed for you by a physician at a time when you were aware of your pregnancy. - If you are a smoker, stop smoking as soon as you find out about your pregnancy – or a few months in advance if your pregnancy is planned – which we hope will lead you to quit smoking permanently.

4. Nausea
Unfortunately, during the early stages of pregnancy a number of women experience nausea, also known as morning sickness, although it may last well during the day and often lead to vomiting. Depending on your state of body and mind, your doctor may in some cases prescribe medication. Nausea is not dangerous and is one of the symptoms caused by the rising hormone level in your body. To alleviate the symptom, we advise you to reduce your intake of liquids during this period while relying on dryer foods, to consume smaller portions in more frequent meals throughout the day and include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet to replace the minerals and vitamins that your body loses when vomiting.

5. Pregnancy Cravings and temper
The rise of the level of hormones in the body of a pregnant woman early on may cause mood swings and affect behavior; some women find themselves bad tempered while others unusually calm, or they may simply feel an overwhelming need to sleep or contrarily sleep less. Some swear that they have overpowering cravings over a certain food item – although we recommend limiting food consumption and avoiding caving in to cravings.

6. Exercise to maintain your figure
It is essential that you dedicate an appropriate amount of time for exercise on daily basis so you can maintain your figure during pregnancy. It is advisable that you engage in a physical activity to make sure that you keep your body changes under control and regain your pre-pregnancy shape sooner than later after delivery.

7. Dress Appropriately
You may find difficulty choosing clothes that suit you in pregnancy, but whatever you do, always make sure to put on clothes that provide gentle support through a combination of a semi-elastic pad with an all-around adjustable elastic belt that is seamless so you do not compromise the normal growth of your baby. Maternity outfits come in a variety of shapes and colors and can be found in specialty shops as well as regular retail stores. Always pay attention to the elastic band on garments around your waist, the under clothes in particular, making sure that they do not press tightly against your belly, as it will grow noticeably. At the later stages, we recommend that you wear a corset specially designed for pregnancy and that you carefully select its size according to each month to ensure that you are safely and comfortably supported. We also recommend that you wear special maternity stockings that help support your legs and alleviate the discomforts that may arise because of your increased weight, while avoiding high-heel footwear, and choosing flat, comfortable shoes instead.

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