Congratulations You're having a Baby

For the first time, your arms will give warm welcome to your new born. Your joy and relief may soon turn to anxiety about the new responsibility that you are going to bear: this seemingly fragile and helpless human being is entirely dependent on you, to nurture and care for, surround and protect!

We would like to draw your attention to a number of things to help you better understand in a time of mixed emotions:

1. Crying
Your baby's first cry is a moment of delight for you because it means that your baby was born soundly and that the lungs are functioning normally after their first contact with air. Soon after, the baby's crying ceases to be a source of concern. Be reassured that all babies cry, some more than others, and that you as a mother should not be too concerned with the normal crying of healthy, clean and well-fed baby. After all, babies’ communications skills are limited to crying, and it will not take you long before you begin to distinguish an “I’m hungry” cry from an “it’s nap time” cry.

2. Newborn Weight Loss
It is normal for babies to lose a bit of weight soon after birth, due to the loss of excess fluids from their body, and this should not be alarming to mothers. Rest assure that your baby will gain additional weight eventually and will make up for any temporary loss in just a few day's time.

3. The umbilical cord
Immediately after your baby is born the delivery doctor cuts and ties their umbilical cord. In a few days the umbilical cord will dry out, shrivel and fall off on its own: you must clean it and the area around it once a day, making sure that you pat it dry at all times.

4. The bodily functions
You may notice that your baby cries while passing urine for the first few times and this is perfectly normal. You may also notice that the color of your baby's stool changes gradually until it reaches a fairly yellowish color and again that is normal as well. In general, the delivery doctor thoroughly examines your baby moments after the delivery and he should give you advice on any particular matters of concern with regards to its overall health, if there are any.

5. Circumcision
The circumcision of boys in Islam is "Sunna", which means it is strongly recommended; in fact, medical research has clearly demonstrated the health advantages of circumcision that is usually performed during the first few days of the life of your baby boy.

6. Doctor Visits
Please visit your doctor and your baby’s doctor regularly.

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